Role model essay about mother

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A Descriptive Essay about My Mother Without Failings

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This is a better version of My role model my mom. Role models are like a torch of light that inspires and guides in the darkness. That torch of light for me is my mother. My mother is very kind, strong, and hardworking. We will write a custom essay sample on My Role Model My Mom specifically for you for only $ $/page.

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Aug 16,  · Crystal Solis February 9, English Valdez My Role Model There are many people throughout the world who have a role model or a mentor in their life. The person in my life, who is my role model, is my husband.

Essay my mother my role model

The person who has been the role model in my life is my mother. She has been my teacher, counselor, role model, and friend for most of my life. For me, she is a source of motivation and a reminder of what true love really means. My mother gave up the family she knew in Haiti to come to America to /5(13).

My Role Model Essay words - 7 pages traditional view of a woman’s role. As a result, women lose their identity as they are so caught up in trying to fit the model their society has shaped for them. A Role Model is a person whose behavior, example, or success is or can be emulated by others, especially by younger people ( ) Growing up I didn’t have a very good role model.

My mother and father divorced at a very young age.

Role model essay about mother
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